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How to Stop Nausea

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At one time, you must have experienced an unpleasant queasy feeling in your stomach that made you feel like you would throw up. That is what is referred to as nausea. Some of the things that trigger nausea include digestive condition, pregnancy, viral infection, and even an odor. However, it is hard at times to explain what triggers this feeling. When it occurs, you want to do anything to stop it.

There are anti-nausea medications that are used to relieve the bad feeling. But the downside to these drugs is that they can have side effects, which may include drowsiness. Fortunately, you can use an alternative remedy-CBD.

Here are some things or ways you can use to stop nausea:

Stay hydrated

drink fluidsDehydration is a possible effect of not drinking or eating due to nausea. Surprisingly nausea can also be a symptom of dehydration. However, drinking too much water may make nausea worsen since it will make your stomach feel uncomfortably full. You can try to deal with the problem by sipping fluids all day when you feel queasy. But if plain water turns your stomach, you can try decaf tea or water with fresh slices of fruits.

Sit Up

You may have been advised to avoid lying down immediately after a meal. This was meant to reduce the possibility of vomiting.When you lie flat, there is a likelihood of gastric juice rising and increasing the chances of getting nausea and general discomfort. This is more common if you have acid reflux or GERD.It would also be best to avoid crunching your stomach since it compresses the area making you generally uncomfortable. The best thing when feeling nauseous is to recline with your upper body raised and minimize movements.

Eat Ginger

eat gingerOne of the greatest-known home treatments for nausea is ginger. A 2012 review showed that ginger has antiemetic abilities, although there is a need for further studies. You can eat a small piece of ginger when experiencing nausea. Better still, try candied ginger. You could also opt for ginger tea, which is available in most grocery stores, natural health stores, or even buy from online vendors.

Try Chamomile Tea

drink chamomile teaThis is a famous ancient remedy for nausea. The tea has a sedative effect that could help you doze when nauseous, and can also assist in easing anxiety.

Nausea can also be treated by opening the window or sitting in front of a fan. The idea is to have fresh air, which helps to remove odors and divert the attention from nausea. You may also try eating lemon or drinking water with a piece of lemon but avoid too much since it may also cause the feeling.…

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